Fantastic Financial Figures Plugin

The Fantastic Financial Figures Plugin for Adobe InDesign saves time, money and reduces errors by automatically aligning financial figures in tables when exporting content to the web.

With the migration to XML/XBRL for supply of content for financial reporting, new techniques must be developed to aid production streamlining.

The accounting convention for negative numbers is to enclose them in parentheses. When the numbers are aligned right in a column the closing parenthesis should visually hang outside the right hand edge of the column. Conventional typesetting requires creating a TAB for the paragraph style and therefore a different paragraph style for each different column width. This plugin automatically aligns positive and negative numbers without using extra tabs.

The added benefit is that the plugin allows the same formatting to be used when the document is converted for online use on the web, whereas conventional methods would require a HTML coder to manually adjust every figure depending on whether it was positive or negative.

See the demo video above or watch it directly from YouTube.