Fantastic Columns Plugin

The Fantastic Columns Plugin for Adobe InDesign saves
time, money and increases consistency of design by using
stylesheets to set column widths in tables with one click.

One feature that would be much appreciated in Adobe InDesign is the ability to include column widths in table styles. This is still missing in InDesign CS5. Currently a user must click in each column and then set the column width. This is time consuming and difficult for the user to be sure that all columns are set correctly, especially if very narrow spacer columns are needed.

The Fantastic Columns Plugin for Adobe InDesign adds the ability to create stylesheets for the pattern of column widths in the table design. The plugin can either be applied to individual tables or to all tables in a document.

Used with well defined InDesign table styles this means that applying table styling can be accomplished in a couple of mouse clicks. Also, if the design changes, the ability to apply the new style to all tables in a document greatly reduces the time spent by the user in redoing this work.

See the demo video above or watch it directly from YouTube.