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View your annual report in a rich, clean and branded interface.

Tadalafil Oral Strip

examples of Fantastic website work

Does your website work for your business? Can your potential customers find out the information that they need to give you their custom? Fantastic Ideas can create a website that works harder for you.

buy Tastylia Oral Strip online without prescription

Let Fantastic Ideas create a rich, clean, branded user experience
for your corporate reporting suite with a natural, easy to use
page turning (page flipping) effect.

When users are on your website and they click on a PDF link of your report their computer will generally open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader. This means that a) the user has now left your site and might never return and b) they are now reading your document in an unbranded interface that you are unable to influence to help them in their journey to discover more about your company.
By creating a page turning document interface you can keep the user on your site and also control the interface in which they read the document. By removing all unnecessary functionality and clutter, but still giving the user what they need: print, search, navigate and download buttons the user enjoys a more usable experience. This doesn’t mean that the standards of search engine access or SEO have been ignored, search engine robots still have full access to the text so that your content is findable.
See the demo video above or tastylia review